Carefully selected properties that provide sanctuary, rest, protection, and a sense of belonging where residents can thrive.

Roost Residential is a private equity real estate investment firm focused on acquiring, owning, and operating rental housing communities throughout the Southern United States.

As an owner-operator, our team repositions physically distressed and under-managed properties. Our experience enables us to identify opportunities, manage diligence, and reposition investments through physical improvements, re-branding, and operational efficiency.


Long-term objectives with the flexibility to solve day-to-day problems and recognize new opportunities.


Investing in communities to improve the lives in and around it, while focused on generating a return to our investors, lenders, and shareholders.


Improving our assets, its community of residents, and the broader market it resides in.


Creating places where people, their friends and families find a home where they can live their best lives and contribute to the overall community.

Just like birds choose their roosts carefully, Roost Residential aims to provide carefully selected properties that offer a sense of belonging and tranquility to residents. The name evokes a feeling of sanctuary and protection, highlighting our commitment to creating inviting living spaces that residents can call home.

“Roost” implies community and gathering. Just as birds gather and interact at their roosting places, Roost Residential aspires to create vibrant communities where residents can connect, engage, and build meaningful relationships with their neighbors.

It captures the essence of comfort and the desire to create spaces where individuals and families can thrive and find a true sense of belonging.